Reed Truck Services offers the following types of services:

Towing & Wrecker Services
 ♦Accident Recovery
 ♦Truck Parts and Delivery
 ♦Truck A/C Repair
 ♦Commercial Truck Repair
 ♦We Sell, Service, Install and Warranty International Trucks ® and Truck Parts
 ♦Transporting, Loading and Unloading Heavy, Wide, or Over-sized Loads & Equipment
   with our Flatbeds, Containers, and Cranes.

Reed Truck Services - Recovery Team and Technicians:
Our recovery team and technicians receive special training, including enacting real life situations, to become certified to ensure that we're able to properly and safely assist you in the event of an accident or emergency, we are fully equipped to assist you in all types of weather, conditions, and environments.  Our recovery teams and technicians are:
 ♦TRAA [Towing & Recovery Association of America, Inc.] Level III Certified
 ♦Heavy Duty Certified through the State of New Hampshire
 ♦International® Certified